Tips To Build Muscles If You Are A Hardgainer

Ectomorph or known simply as a hardgainer is a person who is thin and skinny naturally and having a hard time to gain muscles and weight. As a matter of fact, ectomorph is one of the 3 body types of humans. The two other is Endomorph and Mesomorph which a person gain fat and weight easily and naturally athletic and can easily gain muscles and weight respectively.

And in order to recapitulate, the ectomorphs are individuals who are naturally skinny and with thin bones. They often have serious problems in gaining weight and muscles. The metabolism of such person is so fast or in simpler terms, he or she is burning more calories and energy than what they have consumed. For a related reference post, visit

If your body type belong to such, then you better read the tips that are listed in the next paragraphs to help you build muscles.

Number 1. Eat a lot

As what said earlier, people who are ectomorphs are more likely to burn more calories than normal individuals due to their fast metabolism. Because of this, you must consume more foods to replenish the energy. Preferably your diet has to comprise of 50 percent from carbohydrates such as cereals, rice, pasta, bread, fruits and vegetables, 30 percent from proteins similar to eggs, fish and red meat and eat no more than 20 percent from fats. With this form of diet, rest assure that you can hit your goal. This form of diet can also be applied to any types of body.

Tip number 2. More Sessions per Week

Because your metabolism is faster than normal, you also need to have highly reactive central nervous system or simply called as CNS. This makes your progress to go faster but it can also make you to regress quicker. In an effort to counter this regression effect you have to work more frequently. Basically, 2x a week is ideal for starters, 3x is good for compromise and 4x a week should be your limit.

Tip number 3. Do not take things literally

When you exert too much amount of effort like for instance lifting weight, it turns your CNS on. This will put you in a flight or fight mode, which is actually good for you to build muscles. However, if you do exert too much effort, then it also has the possibility of preventing your Parasympathetic Nervous System to turn off your CNS. The job of Parasympathetic Nervous system is to counterbalance the sympathetic nervous system's effects. Go here!